Berne, located in the heart of Switzerland, can be easily accessed by train (main station / "Hauptbahnhof").

In Berne, the conference takes place in the university building "Unitobler". You can take the bus no. 12 (direction "Länggasse") from the main train station to the bus stop "Unitobler". The tutorial will be held in the computer room B-181 (basement, entrance from Länggassstrasse 49) and the workshop in room F-121(also in the basement, entrance from Lerchenweg 36). Please see the map below.

The tutorial participants  have dinner together at 19:30 at Arkadaş on Länggassstr. 14, just between Unitobler and the main train station.

The warming up dinner for Saturday's workshop will be taking place at the Restaurant Beaulieu at the corner of Länggassstrasse and Erlachstrasse at 19:30 on Friday evening.