Tutorial: Phylomemetic and phylogenetic methods in the humanities
22nd -23rd November 2012

The day's programme will start respectively at 9 am and end by 6 pm. The tutorial will be held in the computer room B-181 of Unitobler (basement, entrance from Länggassstrasse 49), see directions.

Thursday 22nd November

Session 1 – Introductory Talks
Heather Windram: ‘An Introduction to the Phylogenetic Analysis of Non-Biological Data’
Christoph Wolk: ‘Phylogenetic Analysis of Linguistic Data’

Session 2 - Methods
Practical sessions using small examples of text from supplied datasets
1) Coding and Regularisation (Heather)
2a) Preparation of  Nexus file (e.g. weighting, gaps) (Heather)
2b) Preparation of  Nexus file for language data (e.g. distance measures, R) (Christoph)
3) Distance Methods (e.g.) NJ, NNet (Christoph)
4a) Parsimony: Background (Christoph)
4b) Parsimony: Application (Heather)
5) Consensus and Supernetwork methods (Heather)
6) Identifying Textual Contamination (Heather)

Sessions run by Heather based around textual data and will be largely non-mathematical in nature.
Sessions run by Christoph will be based around linguistic data.

We will have dinner together at 19:30 at Arkadaş on Länggassstr. 14, just between Unitobler and the main train station.

Friday 23rd November
Session 3 - Methods
Christoph Wolk: 'Phylogenetic Methods and Linguistic Data in Practice'
Heather Windram: ‘Phylogenetic Objections’

Session 4 – Analysis and Interpretation in practice
Practical session working with textual or linguistic data sets.
(Division of the group into those with linguistic and those with textual interests.
Heather Windram and Christoph Wolk will provide sets of textual and linguistic data).

Final discussion of results.

A warming up dinner for Saturday's workshop will be taking place at the Restaurant Beaulieu at the corner of Länggassstrasse and Erlachstrasse at 19:30 on Friday evening.

Late registration is possible - please write to bernphylogeny@gmail.com if you would like to take part and haven't registered yet.

Second call for participation
On thursday and friday, Nov. 22/23 2012, there will be an introduction to phylogenetic methods in the humanities for doctoral students, post-docs and other interested researchers. The tutorial offers a hands-on introduction to these methods on data sets from linguistics and stemmatology (manuscript transmission). Participants from other disciplines than linguistics or literary studies, however, are also very welcome.

The day's programme will start respectively at approximately 9 am and end by 6 pm.

The tutorial is lead by:

  • Heather Windram (Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge University; stemmatological data sets) 
  • Christian Wolk (Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies, University Freiburg im Breisgau; linguistic data sets). 
The tutorial is free of charge, and we may be able to supply private accomodation for a limited number of participants. If you would like to take part, please let us know as soon as possble so we can plan ahead. The number of participants is limited and we will accept applicants on a first come, first serve basis. Please direct your application and any further questions to bernphylogeny@gmail.com. More information is available in the calls for participation:

First call for participation